Peer to Peer Support

Every family involved with Cape Atlantic I.N.K. (CMO) is eligible for peer support. Parents and caregivers are specially coordinated with trained Peer Support Partners who understand first hand what families are experiencing and in turn, promote and guide their progress.

ACFSO Peer Support Partners are parents or caregivers of children with emotionally or behaviorally challenged children themselves. Therefore, they are able to assist families in navigating the system of care in New Jersey because they have done so or are currently doing so for their own family. Peer Support Partners are available to support, educate and advocate for families assuring that the family voice is heard.

Our Peer Support Partners provide face-to-face support at the family’s convenience. They also attend Child Family Team (CFT) meetings and Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings in an effort to directly assist parents, caregivers, and care managers in meeting family goals. Telephone support is another avenue for the families and their Peer Support Partners to communicate throughout the relationship. Peer Support Partners are also available to assist families in critical situations such as when a child is entering a hospital, a detention center or a mental health placement center.

All in all, Peer Support Partners are available to walk hand in hand with parents and caregivers to ensure the unique needs and concerns of each family are met. ACFSO Peer Support Partners endeavor to articulate the needs of each family while educating them regarding community resources, the systems of care and other opportunities and services for their children.